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Hi! I'm Jess, 21, from Cape town (South Africa) But am now living in Holland (The Nehterlands) Book worm. Taken. Free spirited. Music helps me in various ways. I try to evolve and keep growing as an individual. I strongly believe that mistakes can help you grow and experience is key. I like tattoos, traveling, books, music that make you want to go on an adventure, Pokemon, cartoons, comics, photography, anime n' manga, tea, snow, anime, the sun, the smell of rain and old books, doctor who, food ♡ , painting, writing, blogging, discovering something new even if it's a new type of music or manga, soft fuzzy socks/jumpers, road trips, getting lost in a town I've never been to with someone, dancing, clouds, tall grass, anime soundtracks, cows, wolves, animals, imagination, dying my hair, pianos, cats & last but not least, my boyfriend. ♡

I don't blog anything in particular. But mainly anime, scenery or fashion. If you want my music list, click "more" and then "music list on my blog :3" - -

- - Feel free to ask me questions or if you just want to chat. c: - -

♡ Inspiration ☮ ☯
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Best anime ever (Naruoo too) :)
Attack on Titan:
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HELP!!! MISSING PERSON!!! If you live in the Liverpool area please help us! Our friend Abbie Sadler has gone missing it’s been 12 hours since she disappeared from a friends house last night after playing a show. If anyone has seen her please contact me or the police! She was ment to be returning to leicester today and her family and friends are very very worried!!! Please share!!

Local police have been notified. Please spread this round. She was last seen with her band (Child Actors) after playing a house show.

please spread this, anyone from Liverpool or surrounding areas speak up 
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Do you ever love a character so much that every single time you see them, it just makes you want to clutch your chest and yell out “MY BABYYYYYYYYY”

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